Ship Holds Fumigation

Timber is one of the great natural resources that we have and has many different uses. It is used as a basic building material to construct our homes, is used to make furniture both in the home and garden, is turned into beautiful artwork as well as having a wide range of other diverse uses.

It is however vulnerable to attack from insects, damp and fungi and needs protection from all of these to extend its working life. We have a comprehensive range of high quality products to help protect timber both in the home and garden from these problems.

Most timber that is designed to be used externally will have been pre treated with an industrial wood preservative. Whether applied by vacuum pressure treatment or the dipping process industrial wood preservative can be used to increase the natural durability of the timber against fungal and insect attack.

Timbers treated with and industrial timber treatment are ideal for all kinds of construction especially wood used in gardens and landscaping, playing apparatus, posts, palisades, fences, decking, garden furniture and many other applications.

We manufacture Permadip 9 which is an industrial wood treatment for rough cut outdoor timber that imparts colour and preservative into the timber through the dipping process. The active ingredients in Permadip 9 protect the timber against fungi, mould and wood boring insects.

Wood rotting fungi can often be associated with wood boring insects, the most common wood boring insect linked with active decay is Death Watch Beetle. Infestations most commonly occur in oak, generally because this timber was used extensively in construction, but infestations can also occur in other types of timbers.